1789 – 2021 French Revolution returns?

2 years ago, I would never have thought we would have one day to fight for our freedom, freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom to be what we want to be! But here we are now, Europe is the epicenter of a move towards a new dictature. Pandemic is used as an excuse to put in place extremely intrusive systems that spy onto your private life 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. With the bold reasoning that it may help if a new pandemic showed up! I am making in this post bold predictions about what is coming up in the next few months!

Europe is the place that has been chosen to start putting in place the new dictature. 99% of media are now muzzled, journalists are telling only what they are allowed to, social media are flocked by pro-government trolls, people are muzzled physiscally and psychologically, including children at school. This is working currently because of this rule:

Jab is the tool that is going to give you back your freedom.


Sticking strictly to data provided by government themselves (meaning seriously underestimated), about 10% of jabbed experience serious adverse conditions, including death. There is no way to know what are the long term impacts to health. The vaccine does not immune you to the Covid as shown by UK figures and tatest so-called indian variant! My guess is it won’t be long now before even the jabbed people find out they have been too naive, they have been tricked to get a poison into their body, and there will be no pity for the folks responsible for these actions!

France has had a long history of fighting for freedom. I won’t surprise if the revolution starts from Paris. Though I am against violence, it is very likely that guillotine will be brought out of garage, government, senators and member of parliaments who did not protest will be trialed hastily by popular courts. Would be sound decision for religious extremists and other ‘woke’ organisation to make plans to leave the country or face similar judgement for lacking respect to France values.

Then there will be no stopping the wave of freedom. It will immediately spread to neighboring countries, including Switzerland kicking out the infamous World Economic Forum. Wave will continue to Eastern Europe, EU will be a ruin, Wladimir Poutine will likely find a way to control this wave in Russia. China may also be have some difficulties fighting its own hundreds of millions of people crying out for freedom. North Korean system may crash as well. The Federal System in USA will also explode, the central bankers throughout the world judged for their sheer incompetency. Eventually the folks responsible for the Covid ‘virus’ will be identified, it will much shorter than a main stream media investigation, maybe they should start flying to Mars right now for their safety.

I don’t know when this will start, but could be before the end of summer…

——- end of predictions ——

Back to a more commonplace subject. Markets have been very dull. Crypto market has been and still is down, so 100% cash. The stock market is painfully keeping its up trend, so I have not changed a line in my porfolio, not adding or removing anything. Based on above predictions, of course, I advise to get gold:

Gold is out of the water, first objective has been reached. Gold could reach 2600$ in less than 2 years. Should the revolution come, Euro will most likely go to zero, so you will be happy to have gold. Also remember that inflation is there and observable in consumer prices (perceived inflation). So Gold and gold miners are a good investment (but careful about scams if selecting a gold mine!!). That is a scam too:

Semi-conductor index SOX is up, next objective is 3500. Lack of semi-conductors on the markets drives the demand, so all those semi-conductors manufacturers will benefit.

Crypto market is bullish over the long term, but still bearish in medium term. Bitcoin still defines the trend, altcoins have trouble to decorrelate.

New target is 59k, lower that previously reached so I am a bit pessimistic for long term. Once again, if revolution occurs, then € or $ may go to zero, and people will likely choose a privacy coin to to exchange with each other. There are plenty of them: Komodo, Monero, Dash, Pirate Chain, … Maybe worth having a few dollars in each of them….

That’is it! Unitl next time, trade safely!

The boring market report – November 10th 2020

In last report, I was bearish for the short term, all indicators pointing in same direction: south! Now there were the US elections, and then yesterday the possibility of the existence of an efficient vaccine. Please note that Joe Biden is not formally elected and the vaccine testing is not formally finished! But anyway, markets have decided to turn back north after 2 steps to the south. This happens from time to time, stops are there to save us from disastrous situations.

Let’s look at Semi-conductor index first. The divergence on MACD should have driven the index towards the South. However volumes (see previous post) did not increase on that scenario, so it was a dead end.

Where are we going next? I need to show the steps in the opposite direction!

The first objective has been reached already and attempt to go beyond has failed yesterday. Short term traders may short this situation but the long term is up so you may want to stay on board for now, going to 3000. 5G should push in this direction!

Same situation for other word indexes, no additional comments.

Bitcoin has reached and gone beyond initial objective, hope you are part of the trip! (See other comments on previous post)

That’s it for today. Until next time, trade safely!