S&P500 market analysis June 15th 2020

S&P500 seems to continue sliding along reaction line but, as you can see, the 3 moving averages are still up, more or less for the red one.Markets may decide to move up again, we will see. A bit too early to to say markets are resuming the down trend. Objective 2680 unchanged but unlikely for now!

What is happening? It is all about COVID-19 again. The epidemic is more or less, rather less than more, under control. There are still hundreds of new cases in most countries every day, even those who have completely stopped the containment measures. If people wear a mask, of course, odds are in their favor they will not catch it. But what about all these demonstration throughout the world? Nothing is really under control, safe vaccine is long way before being available. It is likely markets are going to jump up and down a few times along pandemic making trends or moving sideways!

2 thoughts on “S&P500 market analysis June 15th 2020”

  1. S&P500 did a low yesterday right on the reaction line and went back up. And big up today!
    It is important not to anticipate too much. Those shorting the market are stopped out already!

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