[Big Blog Theory] Standing at the crossroads…

Browsing through the comments, I see many readers are frustrated because this blogs looks cool, maybe the perfect blog, although I never planned for that! I assume those readers have followed some training on blogging and are now at the crossroads: should I blog or should I go?

The very first thing you need to do after training, whatever subject, is to challenge what you have learned and especially the assumptions. You are not blogging to have a cool blog, you are blogging to connect to other people, so you need to take interest in them, and talk to them in efficient manner. Video may be too intrusive, emails lost in spam folder, … Subjects that usually interest people are money (this blog is primarily about making money), power and sex (health by extension). If you want to blog about cars, better talk about Ferrari (this blogs talk about Ferrari too!) than Chevrolet Volt!

Then, there is only one book you need to read. It is this one. The extra short summary is listen (or read forums for instance), discuss what matters and leave others a little better. I am sure you already feel a bit better after reading this!

If you are interested in the subject, I will post a few technical articles about digital marketing by a dedicated reader analyzing this blog!

Again, no, I will not post videos. When you are reading this blog, you ought to sit down and think quietly about what is written. I can not invade your space. I will be listening to your comments. I will meet new crossroads for sure but I am happy to share my journey!

What about a little music now?

Talk to you then!