The hidden beauty of volatility bands?

You may have wondered why in previous post I talked about action-reaction lines for trading. This is very technical and manual but the principle will be re-used.

Volatilty bands do already exist. There are Bollinger bands (based on standard deviations) or Keltner bands (based on ATR). Is that it?

No someone created also the ‘better Bollinger bands’ (sic). See some code here:

Volatility still is little explored. You know when you are on the right path when it becomes simple.

Look at those bands. If green, go long! (Consider long term trend of course)

This one is even more fun. Formula is deceptively simple. And there seems to be linearity in the market!!! Of course, humans think in straight lines! Just follow them and trading becomes profitable

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Until next time, trade safely

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